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Santos Manfredi came to Tilcara for the first time in 2001. In love with the place, he and his wife traveled through the near by hills finding ancient tracks and others currently in use by the valley inhabitants. In 2002 they settled down in the city of Tilcara beginning a small Llama drove.

A trekking enthusiast, Santos investigates about the use of the Llama as a cargo animal, looking for information in the Tilcara Archaeological Museum, talking with archaeologists and anthropologists interested in the caravan subject, interacting with llameros from the Argentine – Bolivian Puna and working empirically with the “Positive stimulation” technique for llama taming.

Today he has built up an ecological rural establishment, specialized in taming llamas as cargo animals and dedicated to promote work with local communities, within the program of Community-Based Rural Tourism. In order to do this, the company has different circuits in which the families of local communities provide hosting services and guidance (including: Flia Martinez in Zanjas, Santiago Lamas in Pozo Colorado, the Colorado community, and more).
As a local guide, Santos instructs guides and candidates in the Trekking with llamas’ art, creating a unique and excellent product involved in social and ecology issues.

“The Llama” is my brother, we are sons of the same Pacha and I respect him.

Santos Manfredi (michij Llama)


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