Llama breeding

We specialize in pack llamas. We have developed a llama taming technique that uses “positive stimulation”, achieving docile llamas and well behaved with humans. We have docile and young animals for sale, ready to work in tourism or as pets.


- “Corral de llamas” (Llama´s corral): Tourism. Pack llamas’ corral. Departure and arrival location for trips. Llamas’ exhibition and corral activities (taming, brushing, shearing, etc.) Location:To be confirmed soon . TEL: 0388 – 49-55326. CEL: 0388 – 154 – 088000. For trips (llama trekking) see tours.


– “Cerro Chico”: Tourism – lodging – Pack llamas’ corral. Llamas exhibition and taming.
Alfalfa and pasture sowing
Location : From Tilcara 2 km to the north by colectora east Phone : 0388- 49-55326 / 744

We work the animal fiber on an annual basis using cleaning baths. All the fiber is spun manually obtaining a thread of excellent quality. The final product is sent to different markets or for clothing.


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