Our major concern is that our customers enjoy a unique experience with the best possible comfort and services. That is why we endeavour on getting the best camping gear and food products from the zone.
All of our trips include a nice pic-nic served on tables and camping chairs.

If the day is too hot and the sun too strong, we lift a tent to enjoy the meals under the shade.

All this equipment, of course, is carried by the llamas, along with our personal belongings (coats, backpacks, etc), consequently while we walk we only carry the essential (water, cameras, etc.)

Our lunches include a wine of good quality. We have a variety of Boutique Vineyards from the region so you can enjoy your favourite wine.

For long journeys, from two to more days, we have an excellent camping gear. We are also hosted by families from the local communities, that provide great services (lodgings, meals, etc).

Our trips and journeys can last from half a day to ten days in the mountains. Besides our traditional circuits, we can arrange a trip to our customers needs. If you would like to know more about this, please get in contact with us:


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